The Charm of Imagination

The Charm of Imagination is a short story I wrote in April, 2020 as part of a fiction writing course I was taking at the time. It follows a college student struggling to write a fictional story who has to learn to imagine things as she did as a child. Throughout this story, I wanted to show how sometimes as adults, we lose the ability to use our imaginations as we did when we were children and how sometimes we need to go back to that state of mind even just for a moment.

The Importance of Improving Accessibility on College Campuses

I wrote this essay in 2018 to explore how important it was to have websites, college campuses, and other areas of college life that are accessible to those with disabilities. In this essay, I talk about how to improve the accessibility of these locations the negative effects of inaccessibility and how it affects student life. Being a visually impaired college student at the time, this was a topic with which I had a personal connection.